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Musings of an Irish Dance Teacher

A Week at the Worlds

Over the week of Spring Break, three Duffy dancers traveled to Dublin for the CLRG World Championships. During those 8 days, the top 1% of Irish dancers all over the world convened upon the Citywest Hotel to vie for a spot on the podium. 

The competitions are large - these girls compete against 150-200 other dancers in their age category. Their time on stage is short - 51 seconds for a reel and 1 minute 24 seconds for a hornpipe. Months and months of practice and preparation for 2 minutes 15 seconds on stage, in the hopes that they'll be placed in the top 50 and called back for one more dance. 

We are so proud of our dancers, and the fact that they qualified at all is impressive. While none of our dancers placed in the top 50, they brought home so much more than a medal.

They learned what it means to have a big goal, and what it takes to work for that goal. They learned to persevere through pain, stress, and schoolwork. They learned to prioritize and manage their time. They learned to speak up for themselves when they felt something needed to change. They learned how important the small stuff can be.

Even though they are back home and setting their sights on the National Championships in July, they are still learning. They are learning from their mistakes. They are learning to use their experience in Dublin as fuel for their fire. And they are very happy to be learning some new material after doing the same steps for the last year!

Miss Erin and Miss Casey have also learned from the experience. Watching the top dancers in the world compete is an important part of growing as a teacher. They are also happy to be home to share what they have learned with the entire Duffy School, so that some of those dancers may one day dance on the Worlds stage.

x Miss Erin

Erin Martorano