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Getting to Know The Duffy School

Welcome! We at the Duffy School have been busy making great changes to every aspect of our school over the last year, and this new website is just one example! We'd like to take a moment to tell you about our journey.

Miss Erin opened The Duffy School of Irish Dance in 2007 with the support of her family, which included her younger sister Miss Casey. The first classes were held in a small basement studio in the home of one of our first students. From those basement classes with 5 small, eager students, the school began to grow, and we made our first move to a Knights of Columbus Hall.  That hall served us well as we grew in number, and in 2011 we moved into a studio of our very own.

These places helped shape the school we have become. Those basement classes were so important to us because we were welcomed into a stranger's home, entrusted with their children, and given the opportunity to prove ourselves as competent and caring instructors.

When we moved to the KofC hall, we were grateful to have a larger space for our dancers, who were growing not only in number, but also in size. The Knights were kind and helpful, supporting our budding school as we learned to run a small business.

After several years, we began searching for a place to call our own. What a huge, scary undertaking it was! Up to that point, we hadn't taken many risks in our business, but we were ready to take that big step. With the help and support of both our biological and dance families, we were able to navigate the process, and in April 2011 The Duffy School of Irish Dance Studio opened for business in Gaithersburg, MD.

We made upgrades to the studio as funds allowed, and we now have a sprung floor to keep dancers safe, mirrors to help with form, and a growing selection of fitness equipment. Miss Caitlin has joined our team, bringing with her a new perspective and great enthusiasm. We have partnered with Prime Performance to strengthen our dancers and help prevent injury, and we've brought on an office assistant to help us get more done so we can better serve our dancers and their parents.

There are many more changes to come, but we are proud to be who we are and are grateful for the people and places that have helped us on our journey thus far.

x Miss Erin

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