The Duffy School of Irish Dance
Creating a culture of positivity and excellence through dance.


At what age can my child start classes?

At The Duffy School, we offer Pre-Irish classes for 3-4 year olds.  Our recreational and competitive classes are for dancers 5 and up.

Is my child too old to begin irish dance lessons?

We welcome dancers of all ages, and believe it's never too late to have a rewarding experience in Irish dance.  We offer an accelerated placement program for dancers who qualify.

Do boys take Irish dancing classes?

Of course! We have several boys in our program who have developed lasting friendships, found success in competition, and enjoyed performing for the community.

Does my child need Irish dance shoes?

For the first month of lessons, all dancers can wear either ballet slippers or socks for class time.  After the first month, all new students should own a pair of soft shoes (ghillies for girls, reel shoes for boys).  We have a large selection of used shoes at the studio. If you are unable to find a used pair to fit your dancer, you can purchase them new from a local store.

What should my child wear to class?

All beginners will receive a school tee and shorts to wear to class.  Additional shirts and shorts can be purchased twice yearly.

Is my child required to commit to a full year?

Our school year runs September through June (approximately 36 weeks) and tuition is billed monthly.  Your child can stop at the end of any month, though we do ask that you let us know in writing ahead of time.

Do we need to purchase a costume?

If your child elects to participate in performances or competitions, s/he will need a performance costume.  They are approximately $100 when purchased new, but are often available used at a discounted price.